Fractional HP: DC, Brushless, DC Geared Motors

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Pittman motors - brushed or brushless - are available in wide variety with quick shipment

We offer Pittman Motors through PittmanExpress... with same-day or next-day shipment!

A selection of over 100 popular Pittman motors in a variety of windings and voltages are ready for same-day or next-day shipment.

All Pittman motors and gearmotors feature a cost-effective modular construction that facilitates customization to suit individual application requirements. Customer-specified components include encoders, gearheads, timing belt pulleys, brakes, cables and connectors, modified shafts, RFI networks, and special configurations.


Brush Motors include:

  • Pittman LO-COG® brush-commutated servo motors feature 7- or 11-slot armature designs and are available in 3 models with 4 standard windings each.
  • Pittman LO-COG® gearmotors feature spur gearheads with a variety of options and provide output torques up to 175 oz.in. with standard gearing, 500 oz.in. with optional gearing.
  • Pittman LO-COG®22mm iron core, brush-commutated motors provide high performance at an excellent value.
  • PittmanLO-COG®26mm motors feature skewed armatures that reduce cogging and resin-impregnated windings for greater reliability.

Brushless Motors include:

  • Pittman ELCOM SLTM brushless DC servo motors are available with or without hall sensor feedback and provide smooth, quiet performance, rapid acceleration and long life.
  • Pittman ELCOM STTM slotted brushless DC servo motors feature hall sensor feedback, high starting torque, and cost-effective construction.
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