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  • Inductive Proximity Sensors
  • Photoelectric Sensors
  • Capacitive Sensors
  • Magnetic Field Sensors
  • Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Mechanical Sensors
  • Proximity Sensors
  • Position Sensors
  • Magnetic Linear/Rotary Encoder Systems
  • Inductive Positioning System
  • Fluid an Pressure Sensors

Balluff offers a broad array of sensing principles matched to a variety of applications.

In the realm of sensing applications, no single technology can perform equally well in all situations. A diverse array of sensor operating principles, modes, and form factors is needed to deliver dependable performance across a broad spectrum of application requirements.
Photoelectric sensors
Balluff offers premium sensors for a wide range of application requirements, from presence detection and position measurement to level detection and pressure, for general industrial use or for tough applications in critical environments. To complete the solution, Balluff puts it all together with leading-edge networking and connection technology and a comprehensive sensor accessory program including mounting hardware and power supplies.
Inductive sensors

Balluff’s quality management system is certified under DIN EN ISO 9001:2015; all Balluff products are tested in our own accredited labs. Balluff products meet many regional as well as international standards and are installed throughout the world.

Products Include:

  • Photoelectric sensors, inductive sensors, capacitive sensors, ultrasonic sensors, pressure sensors, and mechanical limit switches
  • Magnetic field sensors and magneto-inductive sensors for cylinders and valves
  • Rotary and linear measurement transducers
  • Machine vision and RFID systems
  • Distributed modular I/O bus network solutions