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Nanotec has more than 20 years of experience developing of innovative products solutions such as high performance, energy-saving Plug & Drive motors. Nanotec was quick to recognize the trend towards integrated motors and was one of the first manufacturers to market an integrated stepper motor with the Plug & Drive product line.

Through their integrated, powerful motor controller plus encoder, the Plug & Drive motors deliver a performance in closed loop mode far beyond that of the classic stepper motors. Our Plug & Drive motors are highly energy-efficient, compact drives with precise and exact positioning. Advanced software technologies lead to platform independence and enable simple integration of our motors and motor controller systems. A strong focus on research & development guarantees products that will also meet our customers' needs in the future.

Stepper Motors
Stepper motors from Nanotec are reliable, economical drives with a long service life. They provide high step angle precision and step resolution. Stepper motors are strong when a high torque is required at speeds of less than 2,000rpm. Nanotec stepper motors are available in many sizes and power outputs and are therefore suitable for a large number of applications.

Hollow Shaft Motors
Nanotec stepper motors with a hollow shaft are available in 2 sizes: 42mm (Nema 17) and 56mm (Nema 23). Cables and laser beams, etc., can be passed or fed through the hollow shaft, which has an inside diameter of 11mm in the ST5918L3008-LA model.

Plug & Drive motors
On account of their field-oriented closed loop control, integrated, brushless Plug & Drive DC Servo Motors are ideal for applications that require dynamic, precise positioning or smooth running characteristics. Both stepper and BLDC motors are controlled via the encoder as a function of load and differ only in terms of the working points resulting from the differing number of poles.

Reliable torque, speed and position control without overshooting
Integrated electronics
Cabling requirements are limited to the communication connection and power supply
Fully programmable with NanoJ Easy/NanoJ Easy 2.0 for distributed and multi-axis applications

BLDC Motors

Affordable electronically commutated 3-phase brushless motors (EC motors) are particularly well suited for applications that need smooth running and a long service life. The high energy permanent magnets allow high acceleration and speeds of up to 14,000rpm with exceptional efficiency. The rotor position is reported electronically using three hall sensors offset by 120°. Optional encoders with up to 1000pulses/rev. allow high-resolution position controlling.

  • Advantages
    Significantly higher efficiency and power density than induction motors (with approx. 35% volume and weight reduction with the same output)
    Very long life span and smooth running with brushless technology and precision ball race
    Thanks to the linear torque curve, this motor permits an exceptionally large speed range at full motor output and therefore improved matching to the required load conditions
    Reduced electrical interference emission along with excellent thermal properties
    Mechanically interchangeable with stepper motors, and hence less construction expense and greater parts variety

Linear Actuators

The universally employable linear drives from Nanotec enable a wide range of new, low-priced and powerful applications:

  • Simple and flexible motor construction of the linear stepper motor considerably reduces system costs
  • Stroke-independent movement to any position
  • Reproducible high resolutions (5μm) and rapid feeding (250mm/s) at a constant construction volume open up the possibility of standardized design platforms
  • Direct force coupling to the load requires no additional components on the linear drive, thus offering rigid and light-weight mechanics
  • Static screws enable highly dynamic and rigid machine constructions as well as multimotor operation
  • Due to the low energy requirements, even high forces can be delicately regulated
  • Partly self-locking so no additional brake is necessary
  • The stroke is only dependent on the available screw length
  • Linear stepper motors are suitable as a substitute for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and offer considerably higher flexibility