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OptoShield OS3100 Receives Product of the Year Award from Plant Engineering!

STI has received the Product of the Year award from PLANT ENGINEERING magazine for its innovative OptoShield OS3100 Laser Light Safety Scanner - an advanced area guarding scanner that employs laser light to monitor entry into a user-configurable safety detection zone and send a stop signal to a guarded machine.

STI Safety Specialists are available to come to your facility with a new "Learn at Lunch" presentation that covers the OS3100 in about 45 minutes - just the right amount of time to grab a slice of pizza and learn how the OS3100 can help make your employees safer. The presentation will introduce you to laser light safety scanners while highlighting the proper application of this technology.

More Information

The new OS3100 OptoShield from Sti is an advanced safety laser scanner that uses a harmless laser light to sense intrusions into a guarded area. The OptoShield can be configured for multiple irregularly shaped hazardous areas, making it an excellent choice for safeguarding work cells, transfer lines, robot stations, and automated guided vehicles. It’s the only laser scanner with patented intrusion indicators for instant visual feedback. Operators love it for its efficiency, as they can see where the intrusion is and clear it immediately. Best of all, the configuration software is so intuitive, you can learn it today and remember it months from now.

  • 180º scan radius... scans surroundings to detect intrusions
  • Intrusion indicators... light up so you can see immediately where the intrusion is coming from
  • Intelligent diagnostics... clearly visible; no computer necessary!
  • Change guarded areas quickly, on demand... switch between two detection sets, each offering a safety zone to stop the guarded machine and a warning zone to detect approaching object
  • Intuitive interface... setup is quick with a configuration tool that has the look and feel of familiar office applications
  • Easy preventive maintenance... the special diagnostics lights tell you when to give the window a quick wipe
  • Robust and flexible... designed to withstand tough industrial environments; and the laser scanner works without additional reflectrors or receivers to keep the guarded area freely accessible - no physical barriers
  • Safety range... 4 meters
  • Warning range... 15 meters

Overview Brochure (pdf 1.3 MB)

Data Sheet & Ordering Info. (pdf 328 k)

Free OSHA Safety Training Program now available from STI

In an effort to help manufacturers reduce workplace injuries, lower training costs, improve safety systems, and prepare them for an inspection, STI has joined forces with eMedia Solutions to sponsor "OSHA Walkthrough for Manufacturers". 

The interactive CD-ROM contains 21 modules and 10 hours of safety and health training.

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(866) 397-7388 or contact us online for your free copy.