• Integrated PLC with touchscreen HMI

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Unitronics designs, manufactures and markets quality PLCs for the global market.

Easy to use, efficient, and affordable, Unitronics' products have been automating processes and stand-alone applications since 1989.

Unitronics' O PLC ™ controller series integrate PLCs and built-in operating panels into a single compact device. This unique PLC + HMI concept saves wiring, I/O points, and programming time.

O PLC ™ s provide rich functionality: seamless Ethernet, MODBUS, CANbus, SMS and other communication capabilities, PID control and more—features that boost your control power. 

Vision O PLC ™ controllers offer a programmable Graphic Display and keyboard, combined with a full-function PLC.

The palm-sized, competitively priced 
M90/M91 OPLC series offers a programmable textual display. Both series are equipped with an expandable on-board I/O configuration.

New Ethernet connectivity, offered by the Vision Series, enables the enterprise's existing LAN wiring to be used for PLC-to-PLC and PC-to-PLC communication.

Vision and M90/M91 series controllers are 
GSM-enabled , able to communicate over wireless cellular telephone networks. Users can remotely monitor and control automated systems via a GSM cell phone.