Pneumatic actuators 

Pneumatic actuators provide high force and speed at low unit cost in a small footprint. Force and speed are easily adjustable.

Standalone Valves 

Use individual valves when they are needed to be kept close to the actuator.


Easily control a bank of valves using an industry- standard field bus such as EtherCAT or Ethernet/IP.

Compressed air prep 

Before factory air can be used, it needs to be treated to remove contaminants, reduce pressure, and in some cases have oil added to lubricate downstream equipment. Filter-regulators are used for this purpose.

Servo-pneumatic components 
These air-driven actuators are closed-loop, providing a higher degree of control.
Vacuum Generators 

Decentralized vaccum systems can often be more cost-effective and robust than traditional systems.

Suction Cups 

Suction cups are often designed with a particular application in mind. Call MSI Tec to see which ones are best for your project!