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Gearboxes are used to multiply torque and reduce inertia mismatches.  Can be inline with the motor shaft, or right-angle.

Ball Screws

Ball screws use ball bearings to eliminate friction between the nut and screw.  Ball screws are efficient, requiring less torque to create linear motion, and run at cooler temperatures.

Ball Screw
Linear Bearings

Linear bearings use rolling elements to reduce friction. They can withstand very high loads and are very cost effective.

Linear Bearings
Linear Actuators

Linear actuators convert the rotary motion of a servo motor into linear motion.  They are ‘turnkey’ in that they combine linear bearings, ball screws or belts, etc into a single unit that is ordered as one part number.

Linear Actuator
Rotary Tables

Rotary tables are a very common application in industry, and can be electric or pneumatic. They typically have gearing built-in to assist with inertia mismatches.

Rotary Table
Cartesian Systems

(X-Y-Z Gantries)
Complete and ready-to-install systems include linear actuators, matching motors, and motor controllers. Pneumatic and electric axis combinations are possible.

Cartesian Systems
Custom Framing

Extruded aluminum framing assembles quickly and adds flexibility to almost any structure.  There is a broad range of sizes, connectors, and accessories available.

 Custom Framing