• Remote Alert System
  • Android/iPhone App

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The machine alert and notification system
  • Monitors any dry contact or relay ouput
  • Verizon Cellular Service with no monthly fees
  • Lithium ion battery with a life cycle of 7 Years
  • Sends alerts via text, email, and/or voice call
  • Easy set up with iPhone or Android app



XProxy Self-Contained Remote Alert device x0cloud XProxy App for Android oriPhone
 xProxy®  xProxy® Cloud xProxy® App
A simple self powered auto dialer to make your machines talk. The xProxy® features a pre-configured embedded cellular modem for instant connectivity.  A secure and robust saas platform for iot (internet of things) messaging. The xProxy® api makes it easy to add user configurable notifications to your m2m solutions.  An end user mobile app for configuring and managing xProxy® enabled devices. Includes detailed event logging and auditing of outbound notifications. 

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