Denso VS-A

Five- and six-axis articulating robots are more adaptable, and offer more flexibility than a SCARA.

These robots also have outstanding speed and repeatability, compared to their SCARA counterparts.  In the case of Denso’s VS-A series, cycle times for one reciprocating motion (up 25 mm, over 300 mm, down 25 mm, with a 1 kg payload) range from 0.33 s to 0.37 s. This represents the highest speed and precision, for their class, available in the world.

These robots are ideal for machine tending, kitting, packaging, inspection, and other applications where off-vertical material handling is needed.

Articulated robots can handle payloads up to 20 kg, with a reach of up to 1,300 mm.  Protection options include standard, dust- and mist-proof, Cleanroom, IP-67 waterproof, and aseptic.  They can be mounted conventionally, upside down, or on the wall.  ANSI and CE safety compliance allows global deployment