Copley Controls


Available in California Only

  • Digital Drives
  • Controllers
  • Ruggedized Digital Drives
  • Analog Amplifiers


digital drives

Copley Controls delivers high performance motion solutions to a wide range of industries including semiconductor, life sciences, automated assembly, test & measurement and COTS military. With over 25 years of experience in OEM parterships, Copley’s application team combines with R&D to deliver world-class, highly responsive support.

Servo and Stepper Drives
From networked servo and stepper drives to traditional torque amplifiers, Copley has the solution for your system architecture. Both AC- and DC-powered drives with flexible packaging options are offered in the 100W – 6kW power range. A comprehensive range of motor feedback interfaces is provided. Advanced tuning and commutation algorithms maximize motor performance.

Ruggedized Servo Drives
Ruggedized versions of select servo drives are available for COTS military applications. Built to withstand extremes of temperature and vibration with conformal coating for humidity tolerance, the Copley R-Series delivers reliable performance in the harshest environments.

Configuration & Control Software
Copley drive configuration software is highly intuitive and incorporates powerful diagnostic tools. An easy-to use Indexer is built in. For more complex applications, a flexible high-level language is provided with powerful editing and debugging capabilities.

Analog Amplifiers Free from quantization errors, 7000 Series amplifiers deliver high performance in precision applications. Accepting commutated current commands for both U and V motor windings, the amplifier synthesizes the W winding current. For the most sensitive applications an internal edge filter option is available to minimize radiated switching noise.