omron sti

  • Light Curtains
  • Interlock Switches
  • Safety Monitoring Relays
  • Force Guided Relays
  • Safety Mats
  • Palm Switches
  • Perimeter Guarding Solutions
  • Integration Services
Omron Safety products help you create a safer workplace without compromising on productivity. Workplace safety is more than simply installing a guard. When properly assessed and implemented, safety can enhance productivity and increase the company’s bottom line. As an Omron safety partner we offer more than a range of world class Omron products. We offer unmatched combination of expertise, products and services to help you find the best solution to safeguard your most valuable assets without compromising productivity. With our combination of safety, automation and motion control solutions,  we’re able to provide comprehensive solutions without sacrificing productivity. To learn more about the wide range of Omron safety products, contact us directly at by email or call 866.397-7388.