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Electronics & Automation

The job of electronics in automation is to transmit, convert, protect and supply. We put together practical solutions for these functions – for maximum safety and efficiency in machine construction, materials handling, energy generation and process technology. Discover how we rise to your challenges.

Wireless Connectivity

Weidmuller industrial wireless products provide secure and reliable solutions for a wide range of industries and applications, as an alternative for signal and data wiring. Their complete line of wireless, Ethernet switching and network management products delivers an infrastructure for your critical assets that is flexible, productive, safe and easily managed.

Weidmuller Product Categories


PLC interface 

PLC interface units

The increasing complexity of machines and systems presents ever greater challenges to companies, even in the wiring between controllers and sensors/actors. Weidmuller PLC interface units address this issue with flawless connections within systems and also reduce the materials and effort needed. They reduce costs while guaranteeing the safe commissioning of systems. Multi-conductor system cables with corresponding connector systems are an ideal alternative to traditional single-wire cabling. The compact interface boards, which can be used universally in common control systems, can be installed quickly and easily. With the use of additional test and measurement devices, errors are detected quickly, thereby reducing the risk of costly outages.
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 circuit breakers


Circuit Protection

Weidmuller circuit protection products offers: Miniature circuit breakers, Numerous trip curves, Overcurrent protection, Thermal and hydraulic solutions, Electronic protectors and AC and DC protection. Their DIN-rail mounted circuit breakers are ideal in applications where circuit protection must be able to distinguish between circuit overloads and short circuits. Each circuit breaker can be reset without the need to change components. All circuit breakers are available with an assortment of jumpers and marking tags.  
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surge protection

Surge Protection

Weidmuller has an extended line of Surge Protection devices that includes a new line of signal, data, and power protection devices. Their SPD Series offers DIN-Rail Mountable Surge Protection with the SPD II & III series transient voltage surge protectors consisting of a range of innovative, compact modules for the protection of low voltage AC/DC distribution systems. Each module is a two-part construction, comprising a TS35 DIN-rail mountable base and a pluggable replaceable arrester, with each single-conductor assembly only 18mm wide.
Download SPD II & III – AC Surge Protector Datasheet  

Weidmuller VARITECTOR family, for instrumentation, control & automation, is a new line of surge protection devices for control and instrumentation (C&I) applications. Varitector allows users to ensure their controls and I/O devices are protected from lightning induced surges in cables.    
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Weidmuller has a wide offering of relays and solid-state relays to meet your requirements. 
The D-Series: The formation of light arcs is effectively avoided with D-SERIES products thanks to contact series connection, built-in blow magnets and low-wear contacts for a noticeably longer service life.  
Termseries: With the wide variety of TERMSERIES variants, you have unlimited cross-connection possibilities thanks to the multi-voltage input and the screw and tension clamp connection in particular.  
Riderseries: Relay modules of the RIDERSERIES boast 1-way to 4-way CO contacts and PUSH IN connection technology. The lockable test button makes commissioning and servicing much easier.   
Safeseries Relays: For process Safety Instrumented Systems, Weidmuller’s SCS Series is a range of single or two-channel, TUV-certified SIL3 – rated relays with pluggable field connections. Options include monitoring circuits, energized or de-energized to safe operation, G3 coating protection and a burner management interface.  
TERMOPTO: TERMOPTO offers wear- and maintenance-free potential isolation in the compact modular terminal format with PUSH IN connection technology.   
PSSR: The Power Solid-State Relays enable wear-free, reliable and silent switching of high AC loads up to 75 A. They also have a high degree of shock and vibration resistance for protection in the process industry. 
MICROOPTO: The MICROOPTO family offers high quality solid-state relays for application-oriented problem solutions. International approvals allow for use worldwide.  
Delcon Series Relays: Delcon series relays utilize a patented pulse transformer technology offering numerous advantages over electromechanical relays and solid-state opto-couplers.



analog signal

Analogue Signal Conditioning

Weidmuller’s range of switching amplifiers makes it a powerful partner in light of the increasing use of automation. Our signal converters for DC standard signals, 4–20 m A and 0–10 V isolating amplifiers, switching amplifiers, frequency converters and threshold switches are characterised by a high level of accuracy, universality and a wide variety of variants. The signal converters come in widths of 6 mm, 12 mm and 22 mm and can also be used in ATEX areas. The isolating amplifiers convert analogue 4–20 mA / 0–10 V standard signals using a precision analogue input. The signal converters are available as pure signal/isolating converters, 2-way/3-way isolators, supply isolators, passive isolators with input loop and output loop supplies or as limit switches. They are electrically and mechanically designed so that they require a minimum of wiring effort.
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Power Supply

Weidmuller power supplies make your systems fail-safe with their switched-mode power supply units. They deliver the adequate supply that’s coordinated to the specific requirements of your machine or system. For an uninterruptible power supply, try Weidmuller’s buffer modules, control units and batteries to bridge everything from a few milliseconds up to several hours. Choose their diode and redundancy modules to connect two power supplies and compensate for a device failing. The capacity modules offer power reserves and quick triggering of a circuit breaker.  
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