Yaskawa motion control

  • Brushless Servo Motors
  • Digital Amplifiers
  • Single Axis Position Controllers
  • Inverter Drives/Inverters
  • Motoman Robots

Yaskawa is a leading global manufacturer of inverter drives, servo drives, machine controllers, medium voltage inverters and industrial robots. Their products have earned a reputation for reliability, unbeatable performance and exceptional value.


Yaskawa Electric is the largest manufacturer of variable-frequency drives on earth, with over 100 years’ experience as a manufacturer and an industry-leading commitment to quality. Today there are over 15 million Yaskawa drives in operation globally. Product families range in size from 1/8-horsepower to 2000+HP, and in functionality from simple analog potentiometer speed control, up to fully-programmable PID process control, encoder feedback, network communications and I/O onboard.

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yaskawa drives


Yaskawa offers a wide range of industrial servo systems – including traditional rotary, linear-, and direct-drive motors, servo amplifiers, and programmable machine controllers. The new Sigma-7 family offers industry-leading performance in a wide range from 50W to 55kW power output, and user-friendly software tools for setup, tuning, and programming.

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Yaskawa Motoman is one of the oldest and most successful industrial robotic companies, now with over 150 distinct models of robot arms and unified control platform allowing easy programming from your PLC of choice. They’re frequently found in the Automotive industry, welding, polishing, and grinding, or in Packaging for applications like palletizing and material handling.

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