Yaskawa Drives

General Purpose Drives

Versatile variable speed drives for every automation application. Contact MSI TEC for more information on:

  • A1000 Drive – 3/4-1000 HP; NEMA 1; CLV; OLV; V/f
  • A1000 Configured¬† Product for A1000 Drive
  • U1000 Industrial MATRIX Drive 5 – 800 HP Low Harmonic & Regen
  • G7 Drive 1/2-500 HP; NEMA 1; CLV; OLV; V/f
  • G7 Configured Product for G7 Drive

yaskawa micro drives
Yaskawa Microdrives

AC drives for basic variable speed applications providing great performance in a compact and economical package:

  • J1000 Drive 1/8 – 7.5 HP; Prot. Chassis; V/f
  • V1000 Drive 1/8 – 25 HP; NEMA 1; OLV; V/f
  • V1000-4X Drive 1/8 – 25 HP; NEMA Type 4X/12; OLV; V/f

Fan & Pump Drives

Adjustable frequency drives designed for variable torque applications like Fans and Centrifugal Pumps.

  • P1000 Drive 3/4-500 HP; NEMA 1; V/f
  • P1000 Configured Configured Product for P1000 Drive
  • P1000 Bypass Bypass Product for P1000 Drive
yaskawa fan pump drives

Additional Solutions

Contact MSI TEC to learn more about Yaskawa solutions for

  • dynamic braking, full regeneration, and common bus supplies
  • Industrial Network Communication Protocols
  • Industrial Software Tools