MSI TEC is open & deemed an Essential Infrastructure Company.

In an updated Coronavirus Guidance for America, the President of the United States instructed Critical Infrastructure Industries to continue to perform normal operations and job functions during the Coronavirus pandemic. MSI TEC is a critical supplier to companies designated by the U.S. Government as “Essential Infrastructure Companies”, and under this policy, we are required to function with minimal disruption in the event of an emergency. Furthermore, The Department of Homeland Security, through its Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), considers the continued operation of these industries to be vital to the health and wellness of the American people during this emergency.

As many of our customers fall under critical infrastructure industries, which includes Critical Manufacturing, Healthcare, Food and Agriculture, Water and Waste Water Systems, Energy, Transportation, Information Technology, and Chemical, we have a special responsibility to maintain normal operations and business functions. Our business centers are open and we remain committed to meeting our customer commitments for products, solutions, and services. For our employees who can work remotely, we have provided the resources and tools to ensure they can continue to offer the same level of service and support. You can reach sales, engineering and support through regular communication channels.

 We wish for the health and success of your business and workforce during this trying time.