Proof that any task can be automated with collaborative robots – including serving beer at Broncos stadium!

We programmed a Universal Robots robot arm to pour beer for fans at a recent Broncos game, demonstrating the safety and flexibility of collaborative robots. We used a customized kegerator and “bottoms up” beer cups, which have a hole in the bottom surrounded by a metal ring and circular magnet (with the MSI TEC logo printed on it) that seals the cup’s hole when the robot lifts it. The user presses start on the HMI and the UR5e robotic arm places the cup on to the Bottoms Up dispenser, which fills it with beer and automatically stops pouring at a pre-programmed amount.

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Before the Broncos game, we gave a demonstration to the media at the Broncos training center.

We gave a demo of the new Universal Robots e-Series at Declaration Brewing in Denver.

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