Industrial Computing & Networking

Industrial Ethernet Solutions

MSI TEC provides a wide range of industrial Ethernet solutions including hardened Ethernet switches and routers, protocol gateways, and fiber optic solutions.

Moxa 5

Wireless Network Communications

To meet the demands of today’s connectivity challenges, MSI TEC offers a full line of wireless offerings including Industrial WiFi, High performance point to point back haul, high throughput point to multi-point radios, and industrial cellular. LEARN MORE

Industrial Security

As more and more organizations take advantage of new concepts such as IoT and Industry 4.0, security is becoming much more important across industries. MSI TEC offers robust secure industrial routers, industrial VPN gateways, Firewalls and network appliances, and more.


Industrial Protocol Gateways

MSI TEC offers an easy and reliable solution through our patented fieldbus-to-Ethernet gateways with smart functionality for optional deployment. Moxa’s MGate™ gateways not only connect serial devices to Ethernet, they also allow multiple connections and facilitate various Ethernet protocol communications, such as Modbus TCP and Ethernet/IP. What’s more, they can also be quickly and easily installed. Use Moxa’s Industrial Ethernet Gateways to connect your industrial plant devices together. LEARN MORE

Serial Connectivity

Our full line of serial connectivity products allow you to seamlessly incorporate your legacy devices onto your Ethernet Network. Products include device servers, terminal servers, USB to serial converters, wireless serial terminal servers, and much more. LEARN MORE



Remote Access and Control

MSI TEC provides products which allow complete solutions for our customers which allow access as if the remote network were directly attached. Whether you’re accessing your own devices globally, monitoring machines on your customer’s network, or providing global data access of production data, MSI TEC can help. LEARN MORE

eWON Flexy 205 industrial router


Ruggedized Industrial PCs

MSI TEC offers a full line of industrial PCs as well as customization services. Products include Rackmount and Wallmount Industrial PCs, Embedded PCs, Panel PCs, HMIs, SBCs, and industry specific compliant computers. LEARN MORE



Industrial IoT (IIoT)

Industrial IoT (IIoT) is delivering the concept of “smart grids”, smart factories, “smart cities”, and other commercial applications providing more efficient operations for industry. MSI TEC provides products and services to help organizations and municipalities to leverage current Internet and cloud based technologies in a secure matter creating more efficient overall operations. LEARN MORE