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Industrial Remote Solutions

Breaking the barrier between industrial applications and IT standards, the mission of eWON is to connect industrial machines securely to the Internet, enabling easy remote access and gathering all types of technical data originating from industrial machines. Typical applications within the scope of our mission include remote maintenance, predictive maintenance, remote services, asset management, remote metering, multi-site building management, M2M, and more.

Remote Access

ewon cosy131 Easy Remote Access to distant machines and installations: reduce maintenance costs & optimize uptime. The Ewon Cosy 131 gives you easy remote access to PLC, HMI, IPC, and IP Cameras. It is an industrial VPN gateway designed to offer easy remote access to machines and installations on customer sites or in the field via the internet. It allows OEMs and System Integrators to troubleshoot machines remotely without going on site, significantly reducing support costs.

Remote Data

ewon flexy Remote Data provides advanced data services including data collection from remote sites and alarm management. This solution makes performance monitoring and proactive maintenance possible. The Ewon Flexy is the first industrial modular M2M router and data gateway designed for OEMs and system integrators and offers unlimited possibilities. It’s flexibility allows a user to link remote devices in an environment where communication technologies are constantly changing and also allows universal communication with a variety of field equipment, regardless of the protocol used.

Remote Management

ewon netbiter Ewon offers turnkey solutions for end-users and facility managers to monitor and control industrial assets online and thereby making better operational decisions. Ewon Netbiter is a complete hardware and software solution enabling you to remotely manage your installations online. With the Ewon Netbiter, you can remotely monitor and control your industrial equipment and installations in the field, anytime and anywhere, from the cloud!