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High Throughput Microwave Radios
Enterprise 802.11 Wireless
Proxim Wireless provides Wi-Fi, Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint 4G wireless network technologies for wireless internet, video surveillance and backhaul applications. With Proxim’s end-to-end product portfolio, MSI Tec can help with product specification and custom-build the wireless solution that fits your exact needs.

High Performance Radios

Using a combination of WLAN and Point-to-Point backhaul technologies, MSI Tec enables a wide variety of solutions. Proxim’s end-to-end broadband wireless solutions and services have helped more than 235,000 customers around the world enable new applications, increase productivity, decrease expenses, gain operational flexibility and create new business opportunities.

Proxim backhaul

Backhaul Microwave Links

MSI Tec offers high speed licensed Point-to-Point (PtP) microwave products capable of operating in 6, 11, 18 or 23 GHz licensed bands and with more than 700 Mbps aggregate throughput. An array of user configurable channel bandwidths are available, ranging from 7 to 60 MHz and automatic modulation up to QAM 256. You can combine two IDU for redundancy or aggregation purposes.

Wireless Lan Access

Proxim’s ORiNOCO series offer high capacity access points and cell size control for minimal self interference and reliable multimedia applications. Leveraging the benefits of 802.11ac MIMO technology, the ORiNOCO® access points provide up to 1750 Mbps data rate and support numerous client stations. It also supports 80 MHz channel width for bandwidth intensive applications.