Industrial Computers

Industrial Rackmount and Wallmount PCs

In the world of automation and control, PCs must be built to have a extended life cycle similar to other industrial devices.  Industrial PCs generally have a much longer product life cycle that commercial PCs providing OEMs with a consistent product over a long period of time.  Our industrial chassis range from small form factor panel or wall mount models to 1 – 4U high Performance rackmount models.

Compact and DIN Mount Embedded PCs

Our fanless embedded PCs come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit in any application. Models are available in palm-size, DIN Mount, Vehicle mount, and many others. Performance ranges from power saving and low heat Intel Atom Processors to High end i7 CPUs.

Learn more about The Moxa Quick Turn Custom Computer Program.


Extended Temperature PC

MSI TEC offers a wide range of embedded PCs and Panel PCs with operating temperatures as low as -40° F, and as high as 185° F. These PCs offer long life cycles in harsh and outdoor environments.


HMI/Touch Panel PCs

All-in-One touch panel PCs offer a clean compact operator interface for industrial environments. Learn more about the Moxa Quick Turn Custom Computer Program.


Single Board Computer (SBC)

From palm sized Linux SBCs to full size Industrial Motherboards, MSI TEC provides a “Best of Class” solution. By offering single board computers from both Advantech and Axiomtek, MSI assures the proper fit for any application.


Specialty PCs

Several Industries require certification and regulatory compliance for PCs in specific applications. MSI TEC offers PCs with certifications such as Class 1, Div2, IEC-61850, EN-60155, Marine Grade, and many others.