Remote Access

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The latest trends are to use Internet and Cloud based networking technologies for connectivity of smart devices. MSI Tec offers an extensive portfolio of products and services for every application. Whether you need to know if a device is on, need to monitor data, send alerts, or remotely upload to or take control of your device. We have been involve in several applications from basic status monitoring to cloud based mission critical SCADA solutions.
MSI Tec Services Include:
  • Product Selection assistance
  • Network Design
  • Programming / Customization
  • Cloud Server Configuration
  • Cellular Services Provisioning
  • Commissioning and Implementation Assistance
  • Security Assessments

Cellular Modems

At the heart of many remote applications is a reliable robust cellular connection.  Not only can MSI supply a hardware solution, but we can also provide a customized cellular plan through Verizon or AT&T as well as configuration, installation and commissioning all for cost effective monthly or annual fee.  Microhard’s Bullet LTE modem provides a powerful platform expandable to any needs. The Bullet Plus has integrated Wifi as well and 4G LTE cellular.  The modems support dual SIM cards with automatic failover for mission critical applications.

Microhard Cellular Modem

High Performance Industrial Routers

MSI Tec provides a robust reliable and secure network environment with Moxa’s EDR Series Routers and Firewalls.  The EDR-810 is an all-in-one industrial managed switch / router / firewall / VPN appliance.  The EDR-810 provides a cost effective method of securing and accessing edge devices.  The EDR-G903 is a high throughput specifically designed for industrial applications and protocols, which are interconnected across LAN or public networks.  MSI Tec’s Expertise in this line of products can assist with using the latest internet and intranet networking technology to provide a secure efficient platform for industrial and enterprise data exchange.

Simple “On or Off” Monitoring Devices

Some applications require the simplest of devices simply to monitor whether a machine is on or off, or the status of a device or component.  MSI Tec provides the XProxy remote monitoring device which is a standalone product that can monitor the statusof a device via a open or closed contact. The Xproxy device has integrated Verizon cellular service provided at no additional charge or monthly fees. The unit is contrived and configured via an iPhone or Android App. Change of status notifications can be sent via email, text, voice call, or App notifications.

IIoT Gateways

The latest trends are to use Internet and Cloud based networking technologies for connectivity of smart devices.  This Internet of Things (IoT) is driving the commercial world of “smart phones”, “smart TVs”, “smart watches”, and many other “smart consumer devices”. The Industrial IoT (IIoT) is delivering the concept of “smart grids”, smart factories, “smart cities”, and other commercial applications providing more efficient operations for industry. 

MSI Tec provides products and services to help organizations and municipalities to leverage current Internet and cloud based technologies in a secure matter creating more efficient overall operations.

Industrial Secure VPN Gateways and VPN Appliances

MSI Tec provides products which allow complete solutions for our customers which allow access as if the remote network were directly attached.  Whether you’re accessing your own devices globally, monitoring machines on your customer’s network, or providing global data access of production data, MSI Tec can help.