Secure Routers

High Performance Industrial Firewalls and Routers

MSI TEC provides a robust reliable and secure network environment with Moxa’s EDR Series Routers and Firewalls. The EDR-810 is an all-in-one industrial managed switch/router/firewall/VPN appliance. The EDR-810 provides a cost effective method of securing and accessing edge devices. The EDR-G903 is a high throughput specifically designed for industrial applications and protocols, which are interconnected across LAN or public networks. MSI TEC’s Expertise in this line of products can assist with using the latest internet and intranet networking technology to provide a secure efficient platform for industrial and enterprise data exchange.


Layer 3 Switches

MSI TEC and Moxa provide robust industrial “Edge to Core” Layer 3 Routers and switches. Layer 3 switches provide secure segmentations of LANs while enabling enterprise data delivery. A wide range of options are available from Gigabit uplinks to Full Gigabit to 10 Gigabit Core Switches all designed for industrial environments.

Moxa Switch

Industrial Secure VPN Gateways and VPN Appliances

MSI TEC provides products which allow secure tunnel connections across the internet, or a public shared network which allow access as if the remote network were directly attached. These products paired with MSI experience and expertise allow our customer global access to their devices and data.