Wireless Networks

High Performance 5GHz Radios

Using a combination of WLAN and Point-to-Point backhaul technologies, MSI TEC enables a wide variety solutions. Proxim’s end-to-end broadband wireless solutions and services have helped more than 235,000 customers around the world enable new applications, increase productivity, decrease expenses, gain operational flexibility and create new business opportunities. SHOP NOW


Industrial Cellular Modems / Gateways

The tremendous improvement in bandwidth and latency provided by the new 4G standard industrial communications including video streaming over cellular networks a reality, and opens up many opportunities for long distance network communication. Network reliability is one of the crucial factors for ensuring uninterrupted communications. As a leading industrial cellular solution provider, MSI TEC can show you how our new LTE cellular gateway can help you deploy a truly reliable video-over-LTE network. SHOP NOW

Microhard Bullet LTE

Industrial 802.11 Wifi Client / AP / Bridge

Current trends are pushing organizations to delivery data directly from the factory or plant floor.  In many situations a wired network doesn’t make sense, or is nearly impossible.  MSI TEC offers robust, reliable, and mobile wireless solutions to make wireless data access and acquisition possible and affordable. SHOP NOW

Moxa AWK-3313

Backhaul Microwave Links

MSI TEC offers high speed licensed Point-to-Point (PtP) microwave product capable of operating in 6, 11, 18 or 23 GHz licensed bands with more than 700 Mbps aggregate throughput. It supports an array of user configurable channel bandwidths ranging from 7 to 60 MHz and hitless automatic modulation up to QAM 256. It also introduces a new set of security features and can combine two IDU for redundancy or aggregation purposes.


Cellular Antenna Kits

Permanent mount outdoor and indoor and outdoor cellular antenna kits. Permanent Mount Outdoor Antenna Kit includes Lightning Arrestor, Cables and Mounting Bracket. Permanent mount indoor antenna kit includes cable and mounting bracket. See more info

Antenna Kit Outdoor