Moxa Industrial Connectivity Webinar Series

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  • Brief, yet informative 20-minute sessions
  • Topics covered will include:
    • Industrial communications infrastructure
    • Industrial networking
    • Industrial edge computing
  • Live question & answer session with resident experts from Moxa

Select any or all of the webinars based on what your interest level is on each topic. If you can’t attend for any reason,
make sure to sign-up and we will send you a recording of the webinar to view at your leisure.

Webinar Date & Time: Thursday, April 30, at 11am PDT

Industrial Communications Infrastructure

Whether you are supporting Greenfield or Brownfield projects, legacy serial devices are still commonplace in industrial applications.
Regardless if the devices are communicating via standard RS-232, 422, 485 or utilizing Fieldbus protocols such as Modbus,
Profibus, DF1 or DNP3, converting these products to Ethernet is critical. That is only the first step. Configuring,
deploying, and troubleshooting can not only be challenging, it can also drain limited resources.

During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Common challenges in connecting serial devices to Ethernet.
  • Key questions you should ask before networking serial devices.
  • Application flexibility via Moxa’s extensive product offering.


Webinar Date & Time: Thursday, May 7, at 11am PDT

Industrial Networking

Industrial networks are becoming more and more complex. Whether you are dealing with interoperability issues,
IT/OT conflicts, cybersecurity challenges or you simply need a ruggedized product for specific applications 
by a trusted partner is key! In this webinar, we will dive into industrial networking and how we can help build
better, more robust, efficient, and cost-effective networks.

  • Common challenges in implementing industrial control networks
  • Latest trends in the integration of OT & IT systems
  • The right product for the right application

Webinar Date & Time: Thursday, May 14, at 11am PDT

Industrial Edge Computing

Industrial edge computing is not a new concept. Rapid advancements in technology have not only increased performance,
but they have also helped reduce the cost and size of solutions. Customers are now able to extend highly
advanced software/applications to the far edge of the industrial network… saving time, money, and adding value.
This is truly game-changing!

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Challenges faced in the management and security of large scale deployments.
  • Trends in virtual and traditional SCADA and how computers play a role.
  • Moxa’s extensive portfolio of industrial edge
    computers… from low-cost ARM gateways and high powered i7 computers to Class 1 Div 2 Panel Computers.