Moxa ITS Network Webinar Series

Register for Moxa’s ITS Network Webinar Series

 We are excited to announce that our partners at Moxa are hosting an ITS Network Webinar Series covering the latest trends and challenges in the ITS market. 

Each webinar will be 30 minutes in length followed by Q&A. Register today!

June 11: Security Protection & Network Management

Webinar Date & Time: Thursday, June 11th at 11am (PDT)

Remote ITS network connectivity is no longer a major concern, but how to protect and manage the network becomes the first priority for traffic agents across the country.

During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • How network vulnerabilities and cyberattacks are impacting the ITS Market
  • Network equipment, technologies and processes to consider
  • Remote traffic network security protection and management best practices

June 25: 4 Major Network Challenges

Webinar Date & Time: Thursday, June 25th at 11am (PDT)

Today, remote ITS networks are more critical than ever. Upgrading an existing TMS to ATMS network is no longer solely focused on connectivity. In addition, building a reliable
remote ITS network is a team effort with both IT engineers and traffic agents working together.

During this webinar we will discuss these major challenges and how to overcome them:

  • Connecting existing legacy assets
  • The skills gap
  • Network complexity
  • Network security and management

July 9: Remote Asset Management

Webinar Date & Time: Thursday, July 9th 11am (PDT)

Performing real-time traffic monitoring from roadway to TMC is important for all traffic/ITS engineers or maintenance service agents. Managing traffic assets, network status,
and how to execute remote management becomes a big challenge.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Utilizing network equipment and technologies to improve data management
  • Reduce maintenance service time and costs with easy-to-use network management software
  • Deployment, future maintenance, and upgrade management best practices
  • Leveraging remote network visualization and management tools

Each webinar will be 30 minutes in length followed by a Q&A session with Moxa ITS experts. If you have a conflict and cannot attend the webinars,
please register and a recording of the webinar will be emailed to you afterward.