What is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)?


The latest trends are to use Internet and Cloud based networking technologies for connectivity of smart devices.  The concept of the ”Internet of Things” (IoT) is driving the commercial world of “smart phones”, “smart TVs”, “smart watches”, and many other “smart consumer devices”.  The Industrial IoT (IIoT) is delivering the concept of “smart grids”, smart factories, “smart cities”, and other commercial applications providing more efficient operations for industry.

MSI Tec offers a wide range of products as well as the expertise in implementation and custom Internetworking design for every situation and application.  From assisting with hardware solutions to setting up a cloud server or control room solution MSI can help.

MSI Tec’s IIOT Gateways and RACs (Remote Access Controllers) enable “always on” secure reliable communications and data acquisition from across a campus to across the world.


IIoT Gateways

In remote and industrial locations, it is important to have a robust and reliable gateway solution to provide data delivery from I/O and control systems as well as a method to access the brains of the system.  MSI Tec provides solutions including robust Compact industrial grade DIN Rail Mount PCs.  Both Linux and Windows platforms are available depending upon the applications and data types.  These “gateways” give the capabilities of VPN connectivity, data translation, “push” connectivity to a local or cloud server, and much more.  Moxa’s UC-8100 and Axiomtek’s ICO-300 paired with MSI Tec’s RAC and IIOT software packages are two of our most popular solutions.  Indusoft provides and “out of the box” SCADA software client that is system agnostic and offers industrial protocol conversion and communications.  IOTView was developed specifically for Industrial IOT applications.


Cellular Modems

At the heart of many remote applications is a reliable robust cellular connection.  Not only can MSI supply a hardware solution, but we can also provide a customized cellular plan through Verizon or AT&T as well as configuration, installation and commissioning all for cost effective monthly or annual fee.  Microhard’s Bullet LTE modem provides a powerful platform expandable to any need.  The Bullet Plus has integrated Wifi as well and 4G LTE cellular.  The modems support dual SIM cards wiith automatic failover for mission critical applications.

Industrial Secure VPN Gateways and VPN Appliances

End to End remote communications introduces several challenges including static IP addressing, increased security risks, IT Department intervention and others.  Our Industrial VPN routers from Ewon offer a full solution without the need for additional infrastructure or monthly fees.  For example the Ewon Cosy 131 along with the Free Talk2M cloud gateway platform provides a simple full scale solution.


High Performance Industrial Routers

MSI Tec provides a robust reliable and secure network environment with Moxa’s EDR Series Routers and Firewalls. The EDR-810 is an all-in-one industrial managed switch / router / firewall / VPN appliance. The EDR-810 provides a cost effective method of securing and accessing edge devices.  The EDR-G903  is a high throughput specifically designed for industrial applications and protocols, which are interconnected across LAN or public networks.  MSI Tec’s Expertise in this line of products can assist with using the latest internet and intranet networking technology to provide a secure efficient platform for industrial and enterprise data exchange.


MSI Tec can provide all of the hardware, software, and expertise to help you use IIOT technologies to remotely access your devices.  Please give us a call or contact us for more information.