I.T. For Engineers Full Day Industrial Networking Training!

As agencies and corporations seek to improve processes, reduce expenses and improve productivity, many are turning to Ethernet and TCP/IP communications. Once considered a solution that was limited to corporate network environments, Ethernet technology has proven to be a robust alternative that can meet the unique needs of the industrial arena. To deploy this new technology, design engineers and Industrial IT professionals should be familiar with the important concepts behind Industrial Ethernet.

Moving light years beyond isolated HMI and SCADA systems that pass limited amounts of data, we can now leverage Ethernet, Internet, Wi-Fi and Cellular technologies to relay information anywhere, anytime. And in order to provide engineers with the knowledge necessary to bring this technology to the industrial controls world and to help engineers integrate their own control designs into corporate networks,  MSI TEC offers I.T. for Engineers, all-day educational seminars. Throughout the year we offer open classes as well as private classes for businesses. The class is designed to give you the basic knowledge required for implementation of an Industrial Ethernet network.

Our classes are “non vendor specific” and provide an overview of:

  • Basic network design
  • Protocols such as TCP/IP
  • Industrial Ethernet Technologies
  • Popular industrial protocols and designs