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Welcome to our website where you’ll find products, resources and solutions for automation, motion control, robotics, and industrial networking & computing and learn more about our manufacturer partners like Omron, Universal Robots, Robotiq, THK, Denso, Moxa, Omron Adept, Microhard, Unitronics and many more. We understand the demands and challenges facing today’s business owners, manufacturers, machine builders, engineers and OT & IT administrators and have 25+ years helping our customers leverage technology to work better, faster, smarter. Give us a call at (866) 397-7388 or EMAIL US.

As our nation and the world deals with the Coronavirus Pandemic, MSI TEC
remains open and continues to operate as usual.

As many of our customers fall under critical infrastructure industries, we have a responsibility to maintain normal operations and business functions. Our business centers are open and we remain committed to meeting our customer commitments for products, solutions, and services. Sales, Support, Engineering and Operations are available and can be reached via regular communication channels. Read more: COVID-19.


Get Started With Remote Access

In response to the disruptions caused by COVID-19, machine builders, OEMs and integrators are turning to Remote Access technology to reach their customer’s machines. Remote Access is a smart solution for those who no longer have physical access to their customer’s industrial control systems. It’s an effective way to gain access to machines by connecting remotely to perform maintenance or troubleshoot issues.

Fortunately, remote monitoring devices and applications are now affordable, easy to use, and offer full integration with IT networks. Learn how to get started with remote access and how it can boost productivity, reduce operating costs, and improve customer service. Learn More….

Remote connections between machines and engineer through vpn

Meet Moxa’s Tiny New Ethernet Switch

The EDS-2000-EL Series is the size of credit card, jam-packed with smart features and a extra small footprint for easy placement into control cabinet.

Deploy COBOT cells in just 2 weeks

Robotiq has a solution that can help manufacturers under COVID-19 production pressure to deploy cobot cells in less than two weeks.

Save 15% off Moxa switches

Now for a limited time, save 15% off Moxa’s new EDS-2010-ML and EDS-2018-ML unmanaged Ethernet Switches.
Learn More…

Register for Moxa ITS Webinar Series 

Our partners at Moxa are hosting an ITS Network Webinar Series covering the latest trends and challenges in the ITS market.
Learn More…