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Piab designs and manufactures innovative vacuum products, including a complete line of vacuum pumps, vacuum generators and suction cups.  Piab’s patented COAX® cartridges are smaller, more energy efficient, and more reliable than conventional ejectors, and can be integrated directly into machinery.  This allows for the design of flexible, modular vacuum systems.  Piab’s compact all-in-one vacuum solutions such as the VGS series are a perfect complementary technology to many of MSI TEC’s robot solutions.

piPUMP 23 versions 

Piab Introduces piPUMP 23

Improve cycle time with a robust and flexible piPUMP 23 vacuum pump

piPUMP 23 is a powerful vacuum generator that is easy to integrate and install in vacuum handling systems such as palletising boxes and loading, sorting, and transportation of sheet metal and wood products. Piab’s piPUMP 23 is a new basic ejector family that uses the same SX air-driven ejector as in the piCOMPACT23®. It is stackable up to four single units and each single unit can be used with 1 or 2 SX cartridges.

The piPUMP 23 housing characteristics are similar to the P5010 with a slightly different footprint and overall measurements. It also includes a blow-off check valve integrated in the housing, a blow off hatch is available as an option for a very efficient blow off and an integrated vacuum filter can be selected as an option. The piPUMP 23 is reliable and user friendly – meaning easy to install and clean.

The push-in style compressed air connections and vacuum connections fit both metric and imperial systems.

For manifold mounted units (2-4 units), a common exhaust is available and a silencer can be selected as an option.
The piPUMP can be used for small/medium centralized systems but perhaps even more suitable for semi-decentralized systems, i.e., a few units creating vacuum channels supporting a few cups each.


  • Faster production cycle times thanks to an ef cient object blow-off that is based on Piab’s proprietary Amplified Blow Off (ABO) feature.
  • Energy efficient vacuum system as piPUMP23 is based on COAX® ejector technology, which is smaller, more efficient and more reliable than a conventional ejector.
  • Robust vacuum system as the COAX® ejectors available in piPUMP 23 are the SX12 and SX42 which are well designed for an extra dusty environment.
  • Increased uptime as the fillter is behind a transparent cover for easy visibility when the filter needs cleaning.
  • Save installation time as the piPUMP 23 can be connected to several suction points and has up to 3 vacuum connections.
  • Total flexibility as you can configure the pump to meet your needs.

Download the piPUMP 23 Brochure

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