Collaborative Robots


Collaborative robots, also called cobots, are designed to work safely alongside human workers. This new generation of robots are highly-adaptable, easy to program, intuitive to use and easy to re-purpose.

Collaborative robots can be integrated into any industry and effectively increase productivity and efficiency. When working together, a cobot and a human can produce better and faster results than either could do working alone.

More importantly, collaborative robots are safe. They are programmed to respond immediately if they come in to contact with a human or obstacle in its path.

Cobots are also affordable and make it possible for small to medium sized businesses to take advantage of robot technology.

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Other types of collaborative operation include:

  • Stopped State Monitoring
  • Speed / Separation Monitoring
  • Hand-Guiding

These are detailed in ISO 10218 and ANSI 15.06.  Call MSI Tec for additional information on these standards!

Collaborative robots from Universal Robots

Universal Robots make collaborative robot technology accessible to companies of all sizes. They offer three collaborative robot arms with payloads of 3 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg. These cobots can be implemented in virtually any industry, in any process and by any employee. With six articulation points, and a wide scope of flexibility, the collaborative robot arms are designed to mimic the range of motion of a human arm. UR robots can safely work alongside employees, without safety guarding, due to built-in sensors and algorithms that automatically stop the robot when it senses an object in its path.

Universal Robots UR3 UR5 UR10

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