Intelligent Transportation

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Products You Need
  • Managed Hardened Ethernet Switches
  • Wireless Point to Point and Point to Multi-Point
  • Video Cameras
  • Remote Access Solutions
  • Industrial Video Surveillance Solutions
  • Wireless Back haul
  • Copper to Fiber Converters
  • Serial to Ethernet Converters
  • Cellular Modems
  • DSL Ethernet Extenders
Brands You Trust

In this new age of Transportation called ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) There is a high demand to deliver data across limited bandwidth.  This convergent data includes Video cameras, signal controllers, dynamic messaging signs, and more.  A current trend is also to share data with other agencies. MSI Tec delivers a robust reliable communications infrastructure for TMCs (Traffic Management Centers) and data centers as well as flexible edge devices for intersections, roadways, and signs.


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  • Extreme outdoor conditions.  Obviously equipment at intersections and along roadways need to be able to withstand climate and severe weather conditions.  Typically controller cabinets have no heating or cooling and can hit extremely high and low temperatures in different regions across the country.  MSI Tec offers a full line of equipment which has a standard operating temperature of -40 to 174° F.
  • Reliable data delivery.  It is a challenge to deliver reliable converged data where different data types are all delivered across the same network.  Quality video streaming is often a priority, even thou the same network may be transporting controller and sensor data as well.  MSI’s products and expertise provides a robust and stable environment for reliable high quality video as well as other converged data.
  • Real time network monitoring and notifications.  NMS (Network Monitoring Software) has become a necessary part of overall infrastructure.  Moxa’s MXView provides a reliable platform which will email alerts and alarms, identify network changes, allow for mass configuration, and much more.