Power Generation and Distribution

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  • IEC-61850 Ethernet Switches
  • IEC-61850 PCs
  • PRP/HSR Zero Packet Loss Redboxes
  • Managed Hardended Ethernet Switches
  • Remote Access Solutions
  • Industrial Video Surveillance Solutions
  • DNP3/Modbus Protocol Converters
  • Wireless Backhaul
  • Copper to Fiber Converters
  • Serial to Ethernet Converters
  • Cellular Connectivity

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Power generation and distribution

The power industry has specific demands for communications equipment.  Conditions are often harsh and reliable real time communications are critical.  MSI Tec provides solutions for several challenges faced by industry engineers. MSI Tec provides a full line of products that meet these conditions. Whether it be IEC-61850 PCs, switches, and routers, secure redundancy, or video surveillance, MSI can help.

Some of those typical challenges and requirements are:
  • Certifications such as IEC-61850 and Zero Packet Loss are often required.  Some typical protocols such as IEEE1588, GOOSE Messaging, and DNP3 are extremely fast protocols which require real time communications and zero downtime.
  • Extreme outdoor conditions.  Obviously most substations and fireld stations need to be able to withstand climate and severe weather conditions.  MSI Tec offers a full ine of equipment which has a standard operating temperature of -40 to 174° F.
  • Reliable network Security. In these days of hackers and cyber attacks, new security standards are being required in the power industry. MSI can provide the products and expertise to provide a secure and stable network.
  • Real time network monitoring and notifications.  NMS (Network Monitoring Software) has become a necessary part of overall infrastructure. Moxa’s MXView provides a reliable platform which will email alerts and alarms, identify network changes, allow for mass configuration, and much more.